Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nanowrimo Novel Part 5: Clothes

On his walk through the town Michael noticed that there were a few young women looking out their windows at him. He smiled and did some gun fingers and winks in the ladies' general direction. This usually made each woman quickly close their blinds. Michael decided to get some clothes, but didn't know where to go. So he kept wandering down the streets, blinds shutting everywhere he went.

Finally he saw a place with shirts in the window. A sign on the outside said Harold Muncher's Clothing Repository. Michael stumbled in through the door and felt a welcoming warm air inside. At first Michael didn't see anyone and although he does regret it now, his first thought was to steal the clothes he needed and then be on his way. Luckily for Michael's conscience someone made a noise near the back of the store causing the idea of a five fingered discount to leave Michael's head.

Moments later a little head peeked out from the large pile of clothes scattered on the floor. The head belonged to an middle aged man who was about Michael's height. "Can I help you sir," asked the man, although his expression might have been different had he first seen Michael in his undies. "I need some clothes, size extra extra large" said Michael. To his benefit, the older man, who we will now call Harold, because that is his name, did not now seem phased by the lack of clothing already on Michael."Extra, extra large?" exclaimed Harold. "I've never heard of such mesaurements." Harold motioned for Michael to come closer. "We can measure you and get you clothed right away sir." The man hobbled over to Michael and brought out a measuring tape.

He didn't seem to mind Michael being in his underwear and may have even thought it a far easier way to measure customers for clothes. In fact, several days later Harold Muncher's Clothing had a new rule posted on the front window claiming that anyone who came in with only their underwear on would receive a 5% discount.

Other than a far too casual measurement of his in-seam, Michael felt fairly comfortable. When it was finished Harold told Michael to sit down and that his new clothes would be finished shortly. Minutes later the tailor returned with some clothes that looked far different than Michael had imagined. While Michael figured the clothes would be old and possibly Amish looking, the clothese were actually bright and colorful and made for a gay man. Bright neon green pants and a stlylish pink shirt with a light red vest were staring down Michael, daring him to put them on.

Harold smiled, "Well, be a good lad and try them on, I think you'll look marvelous in them." Michael hesitantly put them on while Harold went into the back room again. When Michael saw the mirror that Harold came back with his first instinct was to close his eyes and pretend he was wearing tight denim jeans and a muscle shirt. A short cough brought Michael back to reality(if you could call a fairy world reality) and he gazed upon his extra extra large and extra extra gay clothes. "Do other people wear this type of clothing?" asked Michael, fidgeting with his pink shirt. "Oh no, not usually. In fact it was quite an odd request," replied the tailor. "But when your servant came before you and told me who you were I was quite happy to oblige," the tailor moved forward and whispered "the chosen one."
"Great, another test from that fucking gnome Fattywhorebag" thought Michael, who now wished he could repunt the gnome out of the story a second time. "I don't have any money to pay you," said Michael. Harold smiled, "That's quite alright, I'm just happy to be of service to you."

Free clothes, but at a high price thought Michael. Then, realizing he still didn't know where to go Michael asked for some directions to Garthur the wizard and also asked where he could find a horse and cart. The tailor sent Michael off with instructions to find Lara Idlerow who managed one of the taverns nearby.

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