Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time to finally update this

Okay I'll finally update this thing. And since a group of people at the cracked forums have started promoting each others blogs I might actually keep on updating this thing more often than monthly/yearly.

As usual I'm going to just post funny crap I wrote and/or submitted to the forums. Eventually I'll post some original stuff that may even be funny.

First off some shameless self-promotion. I've written 2 articles for

This one about horrible cameos in movies


This one about really useless video game accessories.

The accessories one actually got me an offer from another site to write a gadget related article. So I wrote about some good and bad Father's day gadgets and got paid to do it.

I like getting paid. If you ever feel the need to just send me money, do it. It's God's way of saying that you have too much money.

More stuff to come.

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