Monday, March 24, 2008

2007 Checklist: A look back at the past year.

Guess what time of year I wrote this at.

1. Do something new

I found a way to add several new TV shows to my already full repertoire of TV viewing.

2. Learn a skill

Pretending to be a homeless man to get free food is not as hard as I had thought.

3. Lose some weight

I lost 3 kilos. My cartel was not pleased. But the upside is I lost more weight from it, anyone know how much 1 testicle weighs?

4. Be nicer and more giving.

I learned about Karma and Joy. I gave them $50 each and got a gift that kept on giving in return. The itch still hasn't gone away.

5. Quit Drinking alcohol

Cocaine works faster anyways.

6. Get organized

See #3

7. Enjoy Life

Two hours of yard time a day(for good behaviour) makes every day seem like Christmas.

8. Spend more time with the family

Got a cell closer to my Uncle Vito.

9. Wish everyone a happy new year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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